The artist 



Ellie takes great pride in her artistic work. She has always been interested in all things beauty related. She is friendly, professional, a good listener and pays attention to detail. It is these characteristics which have enabled her to thrive in this career as she works with many clients and is able to understand the 'look' they are after for their special event. 


To create the best results, Ellie uses luxury and professional cosmetics.  The Captivate By Ellie kit include products by Chanel, Mac Cosmetics, Hourglass, Makeup Forever, YSL, Estée Lauder and more. This extensive selection ensures we are matching the most suitable products to achieve the best result for each person's different needs. 





The finished looks on my clients often reflect two beliefs I hold. Makeup and hair designs can bring out the natural beauty in clients and remain timeless. We want someone to be able to look back at a photo of your makeover in the distant future and still be in awe at how beautiful and stylish you look. This is achieved by keeping up with current trends but not necessarily following all of them. By selecting the most classy styles and using modern techniques rather than just following popular trends, the result is a polished look which can stand the test of time. 

A great look results from good communication between a skilled artist and the client. The client wants to bring out the best in their features with certain personal preferences. The artist must study the client's features and make appropriate recommendations. My goal is to design looks which reflect the client's desires and best compliments their features. 

Captivate By Ellie