Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I come to you or do you come to me?
A: Either. We provide our service from our Breakfast Point location. We can also come to your chosen location. 

Q: Do you travel interstate or overseas?
A: Yes. Flight, accommodation and meal allowances must be covered for. Please discuss with Ellie directly. 

Q: What are the travel fees?
A: This applies for our mobile service. Parking meter fares and/or carpark fees also apply on the day if there is no free parking available on location.
Standard rates (calculated by distance from Breakfast Point) apply as follows:

  • <15km is $20

  • <30km is $40

  • <45km is $60

  • for farther or interstate locations, please discuss with Ellie

Q: How early can I book makeup and hair services?
A: For Special Occasions, we only take bookings 1-2 months in advance unless you are booking for 3 or more people.. For Weddings, you may book up to 1-1.5 year in advance provided it meets the minimum $1000 booking value. 

Q: Do you offer touch ups?
A: Yes, please see the Service/Price Guide page

Q: How do I secure your service for my required date?
A: After enquiring and receiving a quote, please pay the 30% of the total quote (or $50 for trial) as a retainer fee. This fee is used to secure our service on that date, and lock in the prices (to avoid price increases). This fee goes towards your payment and is non-refundable. The final balance is due via bank transfer the week before.

Q: May I book you for my wedding without a trial?
A: Yes you may. However, it is strongly recommended that you do have a trial first. This ensures a stress free day so you can enjoy your special moment knowing you will have the look you've always envisaged. It also ensures you don't have any surprise allergic reactions if you were unaware of any product sensitivity. At trials, we also go through a skin consultation and will advise you of any necessary adjustments to ensure your skin will be at its best. We also discuss and trial your desired hair and makeup look, as 'you don't really know how the shoe fits until you try!'. 

Q: How long does hair and/or makeup take?
A: Please allow 45 minutes for each service (1.5hr total for makeup and hair). For Brides, please allow 1 hour for each service (2 hrs total for makeup and hair). If you have very thick and long hair, or require hair extensions, add another 30 mins. 

Q: What products do you use?
A: We use a range of Mac Cosmetics, Nars, Benefit Cosmetics, YSL, Estée Lauder and more.

Q: I have sensitive skin. What are my options?
A: You may opt to have us apply your own products so you can be sure to have no reactions. Otherwise, we have some products and methods of application which may not irritate your skin. We make sure to test all our products on ourselves before we put it onto clients. However, everyone's skin is different and may be sensitive to varying degrees. Please advise us of any known allergies in advance. 

Q: What does the trial include?
A: During the trial, we will go through the following:

  • Skin consultation - to see what your current skin regime is and what recommendations may be made to achieve better skin

  • Desired makeup looks - we ask you to bring some makeup looks which you would like. It is best if you bring photos of makeup looks on people with similar skin tones as yourself. Otherwise, we will discuss adjustments which will be made for the look to be more suitable for you. We will go through the kind of eyebrow intensity, eyeshadow intensity, false lashes, level of contouring, etc.

  • Desired hair looks - Please bring photos of hairstyles you would like. It is best if you compile photos of hairstyles with the same colour as your own unless you intend to dye your hair. Intricate hairstyles show better in photos if there is colour or at least slight highlights in the hair.

  • Skin and hair prep - including eyebrow grooming, eyelid tape if necessary, basic skin prep, adding texture to hair.

  • Trial of the look we decide on together - This is where we trial the makeup and hairstyle we decide upon after the discussion.

  • We have hair accessories such as veil, tiara and other jewellery to try out. You may also bring your own accessories to try.

Q: How long does a trial take?
A: This can take up to 3 hours. Additional time will be required if you would like to try more than one makeup or hair look. Any additional time taken after the initial 3 hours will be charged at $50/hr. 

Q: What do you need set up at my location for makeup and/or hair?
A: If there's any issues with providing the set-up below, please let Ellie know in advance so she may bring along her own if necessary. 
For makeup:

  • normal height chair (one for the client and one for the artist so both will sit) or one high chair/bar stool (for client whilst the artist will stand)

  • normal table

  • set-up facing natural source of light if possible (e.g. windows with natural daylight)

For hair:

  • normal height chair that has a lower back rest so it doesn't get in the way of the stylist doing the client's hair (one for the client)

  • normal table (can use same makeup table)

  • mirror for the stylist to see the front of the hair during session (we may do your hair in the bathroom if there's space or bring our own mirror)

  • set-up close to a power outlet

Q: What if I need to cancel my booking?
A: In the event that you have only paid the retainer fee, you will only lose this. T&Cs included in quote.